For Business & Non-Profit Leaders

studio [stoo-dee-oh]: the workroom of an artist; a place for instruction or experimentation; where art and acumen meet to build what matters most.

Strategies + Tools

Build Your BiZ
(In a Weekend!)

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Creative Experimentation
+ Small Group Magic

The Wild Muse
(Show up and Write!)

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Maia’s Magical Art, Architecture & Design Tour
(Artist Home, Studio, and Gallery Tour)

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We are in the midst of a global power shift.

At the Studio, we consciously embrace the wealth of possibility poised within three simple words: what matters most™—to you, your people, your clients, your community, our world—to build a foundation and framework for genuine, sustainable success—as defined by you—with your integrity intact. And mine.

Money matters. Time, energy and attention are sacred. The fundamentals of business, and life, remain the same. Technological, economic and cultural changes challenge and inspire us in ways unthinkable a few years ago. People all over the globe are creating the world they wish to see by honoring and expressing their deeply held values in the way they design, build and lead their businesses—and their lives.

Yes, this is a global power shift. Are you in?