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Hi, if you and your business, nonprofit or career are poised to emerge and evolve in the “brick and click” economy— we may be a good fit. Take a look around. Make yourself at home. Let the magic happen.

Maia has one of the best strategic marketing minds in the country.
—COO $6B company

My life’s work, the lens through which I view the world, is focused on potential.

It’s in my DNA (thanks, mom). In the 90s I ran Partners in Potential, Inc. until a major client made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Twelve years, two leaps up the ladder and one worldwide economic collapse later…

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination. —John Keats

From my heartfelt imagination, the Business Building Studio was born. Ta-da!

We’re fortunate. As business and nonprofit leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to creating a world that works for all.¹ Every day, all over the world, our decisions impact others. Most of us intend that the positive results of our decisions outweigh the negative. Sustainable financial results make everything else possible—contributing to those results (in ethical and honorable ways) is a large part of my work, my art, my what matters most. This does not mean I think money matters most.

I read. A lot. A one dimensional approach is not enough. Areas of interest: Business, history, design, wellness, biography, leadership, anthropology, poetry, social policy and social change, personal and organizational learning, eastern and western thought, etc.. This age of uncertainty and opportunity requires us to show up with our best selves in tow, to consciously open our minds and hearts, to explore options, weigh alternatives and design, plan and take inspired action.

Main Street was alive and well in Lisbon, the quaint Ohio village of 3,500 people where I grew up and everybody knew my name. That’s where I learned the why behind building a business—and life—that matters. Here are a few of the ways I learned the how:

  • president— grew company with $500M in client revenues (↑ 35%)
  • advisor— $6B corporation (revenue, marketing and leadership)
  • trustee— Arts & Science Council ($11.5M budget)
  • general manager— repositioned/relaunched $500M project (↑ 179%)
  • consultant— humanitarian initiative for nonprofit with global reach
  • columnist & panelist— professional and community publications/organizations
  • president— 700 member professional association
  • graduate— BSBA Accounting and Duke U’s Nonprofit Management
  • producer and presenter— conferences and events, keynotes and workshops for up to 2,000 people in business, nonprofit, academic and sacred settings in the Americas and Europe.

What Matters Most…to Maia:

Love, family, friends, kindness, contribution, equity, books, food, travel, art, laughter, interdependence, silence, truth-tellers, wind in the trees, enough, wonder, whidbey island, beauty, water, photos, music, ramble on (led zeppelin), courage, belief, poetry, dance, sunshine, san miguel de allende, mountains, dark chocolate, paris, red wine, venice, color, tuscany, life is beautiful, whale rider, gandhi…did I mention dark chocolate?

Waitress to accountant, sales and marketing pro to CEO…Maia’s the queen of reinvention. —CPA

¹Creating A World That Works For All, by Sharif Abdullah

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