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Hot Stuff + Cool People

  • Amanda Knight, emotional intelligence specialist, author, founder of
  • Art Kleiner, author, biz-thinker, publisher Business + Strategy magazine
  • Bill Strickland, educator and community-builder extraordinaire, author,  Make the Impossible Possible
  • Blanca Vergara, founder, Moving Beyond Achievement
  • Charlotte Roberts, executive and corporate board consultant, co-author with Peter Senge et al of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and The Dance of Change
  • Chené Swart, founder, Transformations (South Africa), teaching and healing organizations worldwide
  • Christina Baldwin, co-author, The Circle Way; co-founder PeerSpirit Consulting and Teaching
  • Dan Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive
  • Danielle LaPorte, author, founder (Vancouver, BC)—because self-realization rocks!
  • David Whyte, poet, philosopher
  • Deborah Bosley, The Plain Language Group
  • Duy Huynh and Sandy Snead, artists and co-owners of Lark & Key Gallery (Charlotte, NC)
  • Hope Swann, artist, aficionado of all things (living and dead)
  • Julie Johnson, executive coach (New York City), co-author The Female Vision (w/ Sally Helgesen, The Female Advantage)
  • Linda Luise Brown, abstract painter, writer, renaissance woman
  • Lou Solomon, Interact Studio, author, Say Something Real
  • Louis Foreman, Enventys, creator, Everyday Edisons
  • Mynde Mayfield, amazing writer and healer,
  • Tom Kelley, IDEO
  • Tom Peters, co-author In Search of Excellence, business provocateur

The people featured above are at the top of their game and I recommend them without reservation. I have personally researched and/or experienced everyone/everything mentioned. Occasionally, I may refer to a program, event, or resource for which I could be paid a marketing fee (marketing is one of my specialties). This will happen only when you choose to purchase said program, event, or resource by clicking on a link on this website, in a post or email. When I buy my yacht, you’ll be the first to know. (smile)